Internal and external resinature

Resinature board of structural parts, such as collision and subdivision bulkheads polyurethane structures and shaftlines. As well as all support resinature to the other plant and carpentry activities.

Printing of internal and external fake parts, their asembly and their rolling coupling to the boat.

Refitting of ships and pleasure craft.

We modify internal ambients,

but most of all external design.

Spray painting on fiberglass, wood and metal

A highly professional staff working on work sites, and makes all the delicate operations relevant interventions of the painting and refitting of boats.

The qualified personal running on the layer previously stuccoed and after appropriate preparation, they carrying out painting cycles wiht one or more layers if is necesary.

Carbon fiber processing

In order to create a particular and innovative product, ITALROM introduced the carbon fiber processing, a thin threadlike structure and wich together with the resins he is able to give life to particular and refined objects.



Italrom srl born in 2016, with head of the company Puicea Puiu, deals with painting, coupling of fiberglass hulls and superstructures.

Company that is composed from 80 employyes, founded his own professional success on customer satisfaction, having as objective the importance to make a workmanlike job.

Italrom is a name that stands for quality, high professionalism of the operators that make the company and quality materials, for this reason it ensures excellent works both small yachts and big too.

The company’s work is based on the inner and outer resin, processing spray on fiberglass, wood, metal and carbon fiber processing.

Esuring an excellent outcome of the job, we adopt different types of materials that change depending on the type  of machining.

This methodology it allows to meet the diverse needs of the clients, ensuring in this way longer life of our work in.


Shipyard Francia COUACH 

Grouting - Sanding - Painting


 FB 269 LivornoShipyard AZIMUT

Livorno - Hull paintwork

Carrara Cantiere NCA spa

Grouting and exterior and interior painting of the hull.

Painting interior surfaces.

577 - Hull painting



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Head Office

Puiu Puicea

e-mail: italrom.puicea@yahoo.it

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Company's rapresentative in France

Ion Craciun

e-mail: italrom.sarlnavi@gmail.com

Mobile: +33 (0) 782225468

Work with us

To apply for a job with Italrom S.r.l., please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: italrom.puicea@yahoo.it

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